The primary focus of Condor relies on two types of companies. In the first group, there are companies with stable cash-flows in which value is added through growth, restructuring, recapitalization, consolidation or, changes in management or technology. In the second group of companies, there are early stage projects with traditional characteristics associated to venture capital investing. Some of these characteristics are: growth potential, undervalued assets, turn around situations, strong brand names, unique products, technical know-how, and good management. In these cases value can be added throughout capitalization, regional network, experienced management and more sophisticated financial structures.

The partners believe that there is an important imbalance between supply and demand for equity investment that leads to a large pipeline of companies and projects to be financed on attractive terms and conditions.

Some specific opportunities may include:

  • Entertainment
  • Sport & Leasure
  • Thematic Real Estate Developments
  • Retailing Niche Concepts
  • Media
  • Value Added Services